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Making College Affordable with the Help of Athletic Scholarships

Posted by Carol Trehearn

December 18, 2017 at 8:48 AM

Not every parent has the money to send their children to a top 10 college. Taking out loans might help you to afford tuition, but there are also going to be living and textbook expenses that your child will need to pay to get through school. If you are the parent of an athletically inclined child, now is the time to visit There are sports scholarships available for just about every sport, from competitive high diving and track and field to fencing and basketball. Know which colleges have which types of sports programs and you and your child can make a plan that will enable you to send your children to an institute of higher learning for less.

Making High School Sports a Focus

Completing high school isn’t the easiest tasks for all adolescents. If you want your child to play on a high school sports team, then you have to be certain he or she will make the cut. There will be tryouts, exhibitions, and summer camps designed to enable your child to get more practice and also showcase his or her skills. You might also have to be willing to allow your child to skip holding a job during their sports seasons so that total focus can be put on sports and school.

Getting In Contact With Recruiters

Recruiters from the colleges that your child wants to attend really need to see your athlete live and in action. You can send newspaper articles or even videos of your child while competing, but in-person meetings are very much preferred. Meeting with a recruiter will help your child to ask important questions and it can also result in an invitation to visit schools that you and your child are considering. Some recruiters will offer full scholarships if your child decides to attend the college that they represent on the spot. Be sure to balance your need to get tuition assistance with your child’s academic needs and goals.

Balancing Academics and Athletics

No matter what, your child still has to do more than just attend high school. There are going to be mid-term exams, research papers, and class projects that have to be done well for your child to maintain a decent GPA. Top pick athletes don’t just perform well on the field - they also have a strong presence in the classroom. So, be willing to hire a tutor or even have your child take off a season of playing competitive sports to focus on school if necessary. Colleges looking to bring in student athletes are actually impressed when they see applicants making an effort to keep their grades up.

Some college freshman graduated at the top of their class and others are amazing athletes. If your child happens to be looking at a career in sports, then you might pay less for his or her college education. Remember that there are grade requirements for maintaining sports scholarships so see now if your child can balance going to class and going to practice after school.

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