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Top tips to help you shred and tone in time for summer

Posted by Carol Trehearn

Apr 13, 2018 9:38:09 AM

Now that summer is almost upon us once again; you are sure to be looking up the fastest ways to slim down and shed those extra pounds. The reality sadly is that it is not going to be that simple to shed as quickly as you might like, and the results may take a little longer to show up on the scales. Unless you are a professional bodybuilder, or you are following an incredibly clean eating diet, then it is going to take you weeks of dedication and determination to get the results that you want. So, throw away the junk food and get ready for sweat and dumbbells.


Before undertaking any fitness regime, it is advisable that you check in with a nutritionist or medical professional to check your overall body fat levels and your weight. They will start by checking how much lean muscle you have on your frame, to deduce just how much of a calorie deficit that you need to reach in order to slim down and get the shape that you want. When visiting a nutritionist be sure to take a food diary so that you can discuss everything you eat on a daily basis. They may advise you to try cutting down on certain food groups or even incorporating more protein to help build muscle mass and reduce your overall body fat. Remember that to get results you will need to make sure that you stick to your diet for several weeks. Be patient, and the hard work will pay off.


Drink up

How much water do you drink on a daily basis? The answer is probably not enough! Water is the best free and efficient fat-burning supplement available to you, so make sure to drink up if you are trying to fight body fat levels. Your liver and internal organs need water in order to function and perform vital tasks that your body needs to survive. If you are dehydrated, then your overall fat burning process will slow down, causing issues for your muscles and joints. Remember that the amount you need to drink each day will depend entirely on how active and energetic you are, so the eight glasses a day rule might not work for you. You can check just how dehydrated you are by the color of your urine, as darker and slightly smelly is a sign that you need to be sipping on more water. The other big benefit of filling up with water is that you will feel less hungry, plus you could even feel fuller for longer. If you are dehydrated, then chances are you will start to feel peckish, when perhaps all you need is to take a deep drink.


Eat for fuel

If you are normally sucked in by quick-fix diets, such as the baby food diet, then this will only give you a quick fix result, plus you could even put the weight back on, and more, in a short period. If you are looking to lose weight, then be sure to ditch the crash, low-calorie diets and eat to fuel your body, rather than depriving it of the nutrients that it needs to function. If you are looking to make a lasting change and reduce your body fat levels, then you need to make sure that you up the frequency of your meals and change up your routine to incorporate several smaller meals each day to keep your metabolism ticking over. Be sure to load up your plate with plenty of protein and healthy fats in the form of avocados, nuts, and fish or lean meats. If you are looking to give your weight loss efforts a boost, then products from MrKeto.com can help to support your diet plan and improve energy levels. Finally, make sure that you are not too hard on yourself if you do occasionally fall off the wagon and allow yourself to enjoy one cheat meal each week. Although, you do need to make sure that you are sensible, as going overboard will see you spend the entire week trying to lose the pounds that you have put on during your blow out! View your body as a motor that needs to be continuously topped up with high-quality gasoline.


Lift heavier

If you are looking to improve muscle tone, then, believe it or not, you are going to need to lift heavier. Pure cardio alone is not enough to help you to grow your muscles, in fact, weights are the ideal way to help change your body shape and boost your metabolism. As with any new activity, be sure to seek professional support and guidance and start small. Make sure that you begin with a few reps and try with a lower weight to start off. As you grow in confidence and begin to feel stronger, then it will be time to introduce heavier weights and explore different exercises. If you overdo things on day one, then you risk causing yourself serious injury or straining a muscle. So, ease yourself in gently.


Rest up

Finally, if you are looking to lose body fat, but are struggling to see any marked difference, then you could be lacking in sleep. Failing to get enough shuteye means that you deny your body of the time that it needs to digest your food and complete essential processes that enable your system to recover, and even fight fat, believe it or not! If you are getting less than eight hours rest on a daily basis, then try going to bed early with a warm caffeine-free drink and remove all electronic devices from your bedroom. You could also enjoy a warm shower or bath before bed to raise your body temperature and help you to relax. Over time you will begin to learn to wind down at your new and improved bedtime, meaning that you soon get the precious beauty sleep that you need and gradually notice a change in your body shape also.

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