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Recovering from An Injury: A Guide for Older People

Posted by Carol Trehearn

Dec 10, 2018 9:45:10 PM

When you reach the age of retirement, you are no longer working, and you will spend most of your days practicing your hobbies and relaxing. You enjoy the company of your friends and family, and overall, you keep yourself busy.


The downside to old age is the fact that you are more prone to health problems and various accidents. You can slip down the stairs and severely hurt yourself if you aren’t careful, or you can even fall in your backyard just as easily. An elderly person that is recovering from an injury will need a longer period to get back to their normal and healthy self. Here is your guide on what this means and what you can do.


Getting help

When you fall and injure yourself, it’s only natural that you will need to get help.The sooner you do this, the better off you will be.In this case, you should seek:


Medical attention

The doctors are there for a reason, and thus, the sooner you visit one after you come in contact with any type of injury, the better off you will be. It would be worth while to even make appointments with your family doctor for regular check-ups to ensure that nothing is a miss.


Friends and family

Your friends and family can be your best support system when you need help. Imagine you hurt yourself andyou have to deal with it by yourself. Your loved ones are the ones who can bring you to get the necessary medical attention in the first place, and moreover, they can help make the recovery period go by much faster.


The recovery period 

Recovering from an injury is not fun, and you will need to find ways to stay motivated during it. There is a high likelihood that you will have to spend your next few days, or even weeks, depending on how you hurt yourself, sitting down and taking it easy. This is the time to catch up on any of your favorite movies and read a few books. More so, don’t forget that it’s very important to listen to the advice that your doctor gave you, if you want to get better as soon as possible.


Future prevention

You may have recovered from one injury, but the chances that another one can happen in the future is still more likely to happen when you are old. As careful as you are, these types of situations can still occur, but there are ways that you can deal with them much more efficiently. If you get a Medical alert, for instance, no matter where you are when you injure yourself, you can call someone to come help you with the click of a button.


No one wants to face any type ofinjury, but when it happens, you need to know what to do in order to properly recover. Do you know who you will call should you fall and slip anywhere? How quickly would you be able to visit your doctor? Can your friends and family come right away? All in all, be careful, no matter whatyou do, but also be prepared in the event something was to happen one day.

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Tips for Preventing Injuries While Playing Golf

Posted by Carol Trehearn

Nov 21, 2018 8:51:49 AM

When actively playing a sport, there’s always a chance that you could get injured. It could be caused by anything as small as missing your step to something like exerting too much force and pulling a muscle.

Injuries can have serious effects on your life, especially when they’re on the more severe side. This is especially true if you’re a professional player and you end up having to take a break from your career as a result. However, there are ways that you can mitigate the risk of suffering an injury by preparing and being careful while playing.

Here are a few tips to help prevent injuries while playing golf in particular.

Warm Up Properly

Before undergoing physical activity, it’s always good to warm up first. By doing this, you get your body ready to play and lower the risks of an injury occurring. Some benefits of a proper warm up are preparing your heart, lungs, and muscles for the more strenuous phases of playing. To go into more detail, some events that typically happen during a warm-up are that your muscle temperature increases, your blood temperature rises, and your blood vessels dilate, readying your body for the work ahead.

Before playing golf, you should begin your full swing warm up with stretching. Thiscan improve your range of motion by up to 17 percent and help relieve chronic joint pain. In addition to stretching, you can also power walk or stroll for a few minutes. 

Invest in the Right Equipment

To make playing less strenuous, you should always invest in the right equipment when playing golf. Doing so should ensure that you’re able to play comfortably and aren’t struggling during a game.

An important piece of equipment that you’re going to use is the many different clubs that are suited to different parts of the sport. You will need a good quality set of Woods, Irons, Hybrids and Wedges.

You will need to invest in the best golf clubs so that you’ll find swinging effortless, with many companies offering customization. By tailoring your golf clubs, you can have them suited to your game methods, improving your chancesof scoring an Eagle.

Other equipment you should use to help you stay safe isa hat with a visor to shade your eyes and face as well as sunglasses to filter out UVA and UVB rays.

Take Golf Lessons to Improve Technique

Sometimes, the primary cause of a golf injury is how you’re playing or the technique that you’re using. You should, therefore, consider taking golf lessons to improve your technique, especially if you happen to be a beginner. If you can’t afford lessons, see if you can get a friend who has been playing for some time to teach you a few tricks. Some key elements, however, are your alignment in the golf setup, your foot position, ball position, andbalance.

Use the Right Posture

When playing golf, your posture is very important. A failure to position your body in the right way could lead to back pains as well as neck and back strains. For the correct posture when playing golf, your body should bend at the hips, notthe waist. Your vertebrae should be in a straight line with no bending in the middle of your spine.

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How Regular Exercise Can Improve Your Physical Appearance

Posted by Carol Trehearn

Nov 16, 2018 4:40:05 PM

Exercise is something that many people hope to make a part of their daily lives. You may be one of the lucky people who has gone into a sport or decided to choose a fitness career, or perhaps you’ve picked a physical activity up as a hobby. One of the perks of exercising on a regular basis is that it can improve how you look physically. This makes it appealing for many as most people want to be able to look at themselves and like what they see. In light of this, here are a few ways that regular exercise can improve your physical appearance.

Toned Muscles

One of the ways that regular exercise can improve the way you look physically is by giving you more toned muscles. This is something that’s sought after by many people whether they want bigger muscles or six packs. To get muscle tone, you typically have to engage in consistent cardiovascular and weight training exercises. This could mean going for a run, walk or jog every morning or lifting weights in the gym a few times a week. Toned muscles can make you feel a lot more confident, especially when wearing specific types of clothing.

Hair Growth

If you didn’t already know, regular exercise can also improve your hair growth. For those who are wondering how, it improves blood circulation to the body and this increased circulation stimulates hair growth to your follicles. For this reason, engaging in exercise that improves your blood circulation should help you grow healthy hair. Exercise is just about anything that requires you to engage in physical activity, whether it be skipping rope or playing a sport. However, if you’re struggling with hair loss, you should see what Vera Clinic can do in terms of hair transplants.

Dewy Skin

Most people hope to have dewy skin, and exercise is one way to get it. Research even suggests that exercise creates body substances that help slow aging in the skin. When your blood flow increases, your skincells are nourished and vitalized. Also, blood flow helps carry away waste products as well as flush cellular debris out of your system. Regular exercise also helps your skin by stimulating the production of your skins natural oils and giving you that added glow. Ultimately, anything that promotes healthy circulation helps keep your skin healthy and vibrant.

Aging Slower

If you hope to age gracefully, then exercise should be added to your daily routine. Exercise can apparently turn off the aging process in your chromosomes which means you should retain a youthful glow. Although this doesn’t guarantee that you’ll have a longlife, it certainly can improve the odds. It also gives you the physical flexibility you need so that you age with strong bones and joints.

Regular exercise is something that every person should try and do. Not only can it improve your physical appearance, but it also greatly benefits your general health. By following some of the tips above, you should find that you can get your body close to how you want it to look physically.

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7 Reasons To Try Hiking

Posted by Carol Trehearn

Nov 14, 2018 10:21:47 AM

Hiking is for people of all shapes, sizes, andabilities, which makes it a perfect activity worth considering if you’re looking to mix up your routine. There are many good reasons to try hiking which are worth you learning more about if you’re already interested inor thinking about giving this fun pursuit a try.

Learn what these benefits are so that you can feel more confident and energized to take on this adventure. Be willing to give hiking a try and begin to notice all the upsides it brings to your life and how your health also starts to improve. Most importantly, have fun with it and enjoy challenging yourself to an activity that’s outside your comfort zone!

  1. Get in Shape & Lose Weight

For starters, hiking is an excellent exercise for your mind, body, and heart and will naturally help you to get in shape and lose weight. Try hiking as an engaging and entertaining way to get your blood pumping and to help you begin to burn more calories. It’s so much more fun than going to the gym, and you’ll love how you feel after heading out on a hike. Your clothes will start to fit better, plus you’ll have more natural energy to carry you through the day. After a short while, the weight will begin to fall off naturally, meaning you’ll never want to go back to your old sedentary ways again.

  1. To Explore the World

Another reason to try hiking is so that you can explore the world, including visiting new countries. Go hiking abroad and make a vacation out of your new hobby, soyou don’t get bored back home on your trails. Work with a company such as Bonsai Finance to plan out your finances ahead of time to make sure you secure the proper funds you need to go on your getaways. You’ll be able to see new lands, meet new people and challenge yourself to new courses you can’t experience in your hometown. 

  1. Allows You to Embrace Nature

Each hiking excursion you go on is a new adventure, no matter where you’re heading or what trails you’re choosing to go on. Hiking is a great way to spend more time in nature so that you can soak up the beautiful sights and smells and soothing sounds around you. You’ll instantly feel less overwhelmed and more at ease once you’re out in nature on your hike. Let this be an opportunity for you to enjoy all of the beautiful and free blessings that surround you each and everyday. It’s a chance to escape the daily grind and your home and work life responsibilities for a while. If you own a dog, bring him or her along with you so that you both can take pleasure in nature together.

  1. Socialize with Others

Hiking doesn’t have to be an activity that you do all alone or in isolation. Find a hiking buddy or two who also likes to get exercise and be outdoors. It is a great opportunity to socialize with others and have engaging conversations with people you enjoy being around. There are also hiking clubs and organizations you can join if you prefer to be in a more orderly group that has set hiking schedules and designated trails to discover. What’s more, it’s also much safer to hike with other people than it is to be off on your own.

  1. Improve Your Mental Health & Mood

Hiking will instantly boost your mood and help you achieve better mental health overall.Your mind will be free, and you won’t feel so weighed down with worries or anxieties that you’ve been dwelling on. You’ll likely be a much happier and more pleasant person to be around in your daily life when you’re getting in your hikes regularly as well. Thisis especially true if you’re someone who suffers with depression and would like more ways to help you cope. You’ll likely feel so wonderfulafter your hikes that you’ll wonder why you didn’t begin participating in this activity sooner!

  1. Is A Stress Reliever

Too much stress will take a toll on you mentally and physically, andyou won’t be able to function to the best of your ability each day. Use hiking as a way to help you reduce your stress levelsso your life doesn’t feel so hectic and overwhelming when you’re not on the trail. Take advantage of the time spent outdoors hiking to help you problem solve and come up with strategies for getting you through any tough times you’re facing. Take time to stop and breathe in the fresh air so that your mind and body feel more relaxed and you aren’t harboring self-destructive emotions and feelings.

  1. A Great Way to Spend Your Free Time

Hiking is an activity that’s madefor everyone no matter your age or skill level. It’s an excellent way to spend your free time and weekends as well. Instead of watching television, you can be moving your body and working on enhancing your creativity and decreasing negative thought patterns. There are so many benefits to doing so that even though it’ll feel like fun, you’ll also be being productive at the same time. It’s a chance to clear your head and plan out your week ahead and simplybe in tune with all the beauty that surrounds you. Try a new hike every weekend to keep it fresh and excitingfor you.


You should now have a better idea of why hiking can be a beneficial activity for you to try. These are just a few reasons you should consider working it into your daily routine. Naturally, you’ll feel better overall and will be getting your mind and body to a better place so you can think clearly and act with intention. Have fun exploring and checking out new trails and invite others to join you on your adventures so that you can also make new friends or create deeper bonds with your friends and family members who choose to participate with you.

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Health and Fitness Tips for Expecting Mothers

Posted by Carol Trehearn

Nov 6, 2018 3:58:35 PM

Pregnancy might be considered a miracle, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t take a lot of hard work. Sure, you can get pregnant so long as you are fertile and sexually active, but everything you do after that point will affect your baby’s development thenon. Without adequately preparing your body, your expectations, and, of course, preparing for your baby’s future you will not be able to give your newborn the best start at life.


Don’t risk your baby’s health. Follow this guide to be your best self and to safeguard your baby’s development now, and into the future:


Prepare Your Body Beforehand

The best way to ensure your baby’s healthis by getting your body ready beforehand. There asrea lot of drugs and medications that can remain in the body for days and even weeks after you stop taking them, and these can hamper your baby’sdevelopment right from the start. You will want to visit your doctor to discuss what steps you should take, including what medication alternatives are available.


Stay Active Throughout Your Pregnancy

It is important to enjoy regular exercise, and that importance continues even when you are well into your third trimester. You will need to change up what kind of exercises you do, of course – weight lifting and pregnancy doesn’toften go very well – but there are ways you can still stay active for both your sake and your baby’s.


Know What Foods are Best

Your body craves certain foods because it needs the vitamins that are within them. It’s not always perfect, but it is generally the rule of thumb. Help your body out by consulting your doctor on what foods and vitamin supplements you should eat tostay healthy.


Reduce Stress

Finally, try to reduce your stress. Chronic and extreme stress felt by the mother in the first trimester has been linked to the fetus developing brain disorders. Try to stay calm and work on reducing stress for both your sakes.


Safeguard Your Baby’s Health for the Future

All your hard work will pay off in the endwhen you give birth to a healthy baby. There is, however, one extra step you can take to safeguard their health into the future. By collecting their cord blood and tissue, you can provide them with life-saving medical treatments using their ownstem cells, should they need it.The procedure is as simple as signing up with Biovault Family, and either having a nurse or specialist come and collect the tissue and blood after birth. There is no invasive surgery, and your baby has the chance to benefit from treatments using their owncells.


Being fit and healthy is a necessary step that every mother must make while pregnant. It is how she will help improve the chance of healthy development right from the start. Further your efforts by then storing these healthy stem cells, in case your child needs it in the future. Do this, and you can help them lead a long and healthy life, right down to their genes. 

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Posted by Carol Trehearn

Oct 25, 2018 9:31:06 AM

Everyone has a hobby or interest that they engage in during their free time. While some people enjoy watching movies or playing sports, for other sit may be online gambling. This could be born out of a love for sports or a competitive nature. However, as with anything in life, there are risks involved when gambling. As well as mental and emotional related ones, it’s also possible that it could result in physical injuries as well. In case you’re thinking about what potential injuries could occur as a result of online gambling, here are three specific ones that could occur below.

1. Computer Vision Syndrome 

Online gambling could result in computer vision syndrome also referred to as digital eye strain. In case you’ve never heard of this before, it’s a range of eye and vision-related problems that come about as a result of using computers, e-readers, mobiles or tablets for too long. This may especially occur if you spend a lot of time gambling or playing in tournaments. The level of discomfort that you experience tends to increase with the more screen time you get. Some symptoms of this syndrome are strained dry eyes, blurred vision as well as headaches as well.

Sometimes these symptoms are caused by poor lighting or poor seating posture. To prevent it from happening, try and obtain regular eye care or make changes in how you view the screen.  Also, when looking for online gambling sites on platforms like RealMoneyGambling.com, try and choose games with the shortest playing times.

2. Chronic Pains 

Another unexpected injury that could occur because of online gaming is chronic pains. As with computer vision syndrome, your posture while sitting at the computer could result in chronic pain in different parts of your body. You could begin to feel them in places like your neck and back and shoulders, so if you notice any pain, try not to ignore it. Some symptoms of chronic pain are a dull ache, throbbing, burning, shooting squeezing, soreness, or stiffness.

To manage any chronic pain you’re feeling, see a primary care doctor or a care specialist. They may prescribe treatments such as medicine, physical therapy, or acupuncture based on the pain you’re experiencing. Ultimately, you should try and get enough sleep as well as change your position when sitting and playing.

3. Muscle and Joint Injuries 

If you happen to sit down for long hours, you could face muscle and joint injuries. For those who gamble at an online computer, it’s especially true.

When sitting for long hours, it could result in muscle and joint aches or pain. To ease the pain, you can try an over the counter pain reliever or rest the part of your body that’s aching. Also, another way to avoid muscle and joint injuries, try sitting an adjustable desk that is made for computer use.

It is always essential that you know the potential risks in any activity you engage in. This can help you take the necessary precautions to prevent it from happening if possible. Always remember that no matter what you do, your health should come first.

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How to Maximize Your Workouts

Posted by Carol Trehearn

Oct 25, 2018 9:14:41 AM

n recent years, everyone has been noticing the positive impact a regular exercise routine can bring to their lives. From lowering blood pressure to keeping figures in shape, there is no limit to the benefits people can enjoy. Sometimes, you may want to push forward and take your workouts to the next level. However, you may experience days where you feel as though you aren’t achieving your best in these sessions. Although this is natural, it can put a dent in your progress if it carries on for too long. Luckily, there are countless ways you can maximize your workouts,so that you will be feeling energizedand accomplished after every session.


Rule out any health problems


One of the biggest reasons why you may not be achieving as much as you want during your workouts is because you may be suffering from a health problem that prevents you from pushing yourself further. The most common example of this is having pain in your arms or legs, which may have come about from one wrong move in the gym. This pain is often a sign of a pinched nerve, which can cause shooting pains or pins and needles in your body. Ideally, you should get your health problems seen to by going through a pinched nerve treatment, which will remove any of the pain you may have been experiencing.


Stay hydrated


There may be times in your workout where you feel dizzy or unfocused. Thisis usually a sign that your body needs more water to keep itself going. It can be hard to remember to drink a lot of water during an intense exercise session, but you should always take a large water bottle to your workouts with youso that you are reminded to drink from it as much as possible.

Although scientists recommend you drink between six and eight glasses of water a day, you must drink more than this when you are exercising, accommodatingfor the water lost through sweating. One great way of making sure you drink enough is to add fruit to yourwater,so you don’t get bored of drinking the same thing over and over.


Eat lots of protein


There is a lot you can do during your workouts to maximize them. However, you need to determine a protein-enriched diet program so that you can fuel your body and put on muscle mass.

After your workout, your body needs protein to repair and build muscle. Without it, you won’t see any progress in muscle building. Lots of people take supplements, which are an easy way of making sure you are consuming enough protein before and after workouts. Though this is a good idea for people on the move and those following a vegan diet, you should try and get your protein from natural sources. For example, having a meal rich in lean meats and green vegetables is ideal. If you want some snacks filled with protein to snack on during your workout, you should take some nuts along with you.


Use the right equipment


Using the right equipment is never hard when you attend a good gym. Here, you can usually find everything you need to create a good workout plan. Recently, more and more people are turning to workingout at home, as this is a much cheaper way of being healthy. Although sports like yoga need little equipment, there are some exercises that needspecific equipmentif you are hoping to make as much progress as possible. Sometimes, you can use household objects like water bottles as a replacement for kettlebells, but it is better to make a small investment in some professional equipment. Thiswill enable you to make a home gym that has everything you need in it, without having to travel to get to one.


Sleep more


It should come as no surprise that you need to take regular breaks from workouts if you want to get the most out of them. Many people think that pushing themselves every day is the best way to make progress, but your body needs time to heal and repair itself, especially after tough sessions. The best way to let your body do this is by sleeping properlyeach night. Exercise itself will enable you to fall into a restful sleep, but you can help yourself drift off quicker by making use of some natural remedies. These include practicing breathing techniques before bed, and spraying lavender on your pillow before you try and sleep.

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The Best Ways to Exercise When on a Ketogenic Diet

Posted by Carol Trehearn

Oct 20, 2018 9:59:26 AM

You must have heard that exercise is always recommended as part of any weight loss program. If you’re on a ketogenic diet, you may be wondering whether this still applies. After all, your diet requires a lower intake of carbs, and aren’t these the fuel you need when you exercise? You’ll be pleased to learn you can still exercise, as long as you bear a few things in mind. There are many misconceptions about low-carb eating, so this article will help to dispel at least one of them.

Different Types of Exercise

Exercise has many benefits for your health. It builds muscle, strengthens bones, keeps you lean and toned, and is beneficial for your heart. There are basically four different types of exercise.

Aerobic exercise is physical exercise of low to high intensity. It is also known as cardio exercise because it requires the pumping of oxygenated blood by the heart to deliver oxygen where it’s needed. Aerobic exercises stimulate the heart rate and breathing rate. Examples include running, swimming, walking, hiking, aerobic classes, dancing, kickboxing, and using cardio machines.

Anaerobic exercise is of a shorter duration. It is high intensity and carb burning. It is the type of exercise that makes you out of breath in just a few minutes. Examples include lifting weights, sprinting, and climbing a long flight of stairs.

Stability exercises include balance exercises and core training. They are designed to help improve your alignment, control of movement and strengthen muscles.

Finally, there are flexibility exercises which are helpful for stretching your muscles, supporting your joints, and improving your range of muscle movements. Yoga is a good example of flexibility exercise.

The intensity of your workout matters when you’re on a ketogenic diet because fat is your main energy source. 


Tips for Exercising When on a Ketogenic Diet

A ketogenic diet has become very popular recently. Not just for those who want to lose weight,but for fitness lovers too. The performance benefits that come with this type of diet are important, but you do need to know a few important things first.

For the first few weeks of your workout program, you may not feel like it’s doing you much good. Your body is having to adjust to getting its energy from somewhere other than the glucose it gets from the carbs you were eating. Generally, the fog you’re experiencing will lift after a few days.


Something to be aware of when on this diet is the tendency to under eat. Restricting one food group means you’re likely to be cutting calories. A ketogenic diet also has an appetite-suppressing effect. You might not feel hungry even if your body is not getting enough energy. Not eating enough and working out are not very good bed fellows.

A ketogenic diet is popular because it is an effective way to lose weight. Rather than using glycogen as an energy source, your body has to use fat and ketone bodies. If you don’t eat enough fats as part of your diet your performance can suffer. Fats need to be eaten because they are needed to compensate for the carbs you’ve removed from your diet. If you don’t get enough, you’ll be left feeling tired and miss the benefits of a ketogenic diet. Healthy fats include grass-fed meats, fish, avocado, and coconut oil.  Find some recipes online that include these ingredients, and get creative in the kitchen. A change in your diet does not have to be limiting in any way. In fact, it can see you experiment and try new things that you may have previously not known about.


The Benefits of Exercising When on a Ketogenic Diet

It might seem like a ketogenic diet and exercise do not go well together, but there are some significant benefits to be enjoyed. A recent study, for example, showed that ultra-endurance athletes who had been eating a low-carb diet for 20 months burnt 2-3 times more fat that those on a high-carb diet. It also showed that the two groups used and replenished the same amount of muscle glycogen. A ketogenic diet can help prevent fatigue during long bouts of aerobic exercise and has been shown to help with blood glucose maintenance during exercise. Overall, low-carb dieters can perform better across a range of different exercises and sport types with fewer carbs, over time.


A ketogenic diet has traditionally received some bad press, but the tide is changing. It can be easily adapted to fit the lifestyles of a wide range of people.

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5 Ways Student Athletes Can Protect Themselves

Posted by Carol Trehearn

Oct 20, 2018 9:56:16 AM

Students today are more at risk than ever before, with both cyber threats and physical risks posing problems for the everyday student. This is something that can put many people off going to college, as they may wish to stay somewhere that has all the home comforts and safety they are familiar with. Yet, college can be one of the most exciting times when you are starting a new life in a new place. To avoid all the dangers that come with moving somewhere else, you should learn to protect yourself from anything that might come your way. To help you, there are some key tips you should follow.

  1. Learn self-defense

College can be the best part of your life when you are free from dangers. Unfortunately, you may also become a target of theft or assault when you are there. This is rare, but it can happen. Although it is recommended that you never walk through campus alone after dark, you should also pick up some basic self-defense skills, which will equip you if you ever find yourself in a tricky situation. Many handy tips can be found online, or by attending a college class with other people.

  1. Ensure financial stability

With college often comes money problems. For poorer students, the promise of some form of financial stability offers a certain degree of financial protection if something goes wrong. For example, you may need to replace your phone if it goes missing. Trying to ensure you have financialstability to allow for such instances can be tricky, but one way you can do this is by starting your college journey through a scholarship. You can apply for a sporting scholarship with ASM Scholarships as a way of ensuring you have enough money to cover your basic college tuition and emergencies.

  1. Lock up

When you go to college, it is easy to get caught up with meeting new friends and in your course in the first few months. This can lead to complacency, such as forgetting to lock your windows or doors on an evening. Living in a dorm makes the outside threat smaller, but you never know which other students wish to steal some important items from your room. To remind yourself to lock up each time you are asleep or not there, write friendly reminders on post-it notes.

  1. Be social

Most students are left unprotected when they are walking back through campus during darker hours. Making friends towalk back with not only adds a boost to your college experience, but it will help you to stay safe at night. Just as you would want the best for your friends, they will also want the best for you.

  1. Practice self-care

Many dangers can come from other people at college, but it is also a time where you may be experiencing some difficult emotions in your own head. Mental wellbeing can be impacted by long hours of working, studying and socializing, leading to stress and anxiety. Though there will be therapists on campus you can talk to if your emotions become too overwhelming, you should also practice some important self-care acts, like indulging in your favorite television program or getting back in touch with nature.

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How To Manage Back Pain

Posted by Carol Trehearn

Sep 12, 2018 8:34:42 AM

Back pain is one of the most common injuries and especially amongst athletes. In most cases, the pain will subside over a few weeks butit can be difficult to manage as it can make any type of task difficult and painful. Pain in the lower back is the most common complaint, but it can also be felt anywhere along the spine and interfere with daily life. Fortunately, there are lots of helpful ways to manage back pain which can make it much more bearable. Read on for a few tips on how to manage the pain and when you should see a healthcare professional.


Staying Active


It may not seem like it, but one of the best ways to manage back pain is to stay active and avoid resting for long periods. Do not overexert yourself, but walking can be a great way to alleviate the pain and stretch your back out. Other good forms of exercise for back pain include swimming, yoga, andPilates. There are also lots of stretches specifically designed for alleviating back pain, as well as stretches and exercises designed to strengthen the area so that you avoid a repeat injury.




Anti-inflammatory painkillers are also a good way to manage back pain and are easy to pick up. Just be sure to check that it is safe for you to take the medicinefirst and carefully follow the instructions.


Compression Packs


Hold and cold compression packs are effective for short-term pain relief. You can purchase sports compression packs, but a hot water bottle and a bag of frozen peas will provide the same results.


Seeking Help


If the above does not improve your pain or if it is getting worse, stopping your daily activities or you are struggling to cope then you should visit a doctor. They will discuss possible treatment options, which could include seeing a specialist. Back pain is usually non-specific, orit may result from a sprain, but it will occasionally be a condition such as a slipped disc. You should visit a healthcare provider immediately if you have back pain and difficulty urinating, loss of bladder or bowel control, chest pain or a high temperature as this could signal something more serious.




Your doctor may refer you to a specialist whichcould involve seeing a physiotherapist or chiropractor who will help with manual therapy, but another option is seeing a radiologist who will be able to help. Specialists like Consulting Radiologists, Ltd can offer minimally invasive treatment options like therapeutic spinal injections to reduce inflammation and alleviate pain.


Most people experience some form of back pain in their lifetime, andthis is usually not serious and will go away after a short while. It can be a difficult pain to manage and interfere with daily life, but there are a few good ways to alleviate pain. It is also smart to spend time trying to strengthen your back if it is a recurring problem and there are a few ways that you can reduce the risk, including regular back exercises and stretches and improving your posture.

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